Thursday 24 - 10 - 2019


Baroness go about their ways a bit differently than your average metal band. This tight-knit American collective avoids the cliché of lurid black-gray-white tones by linking each album to a certain color scheme. Stylistically the band boldly trespass the domains of progressive rock, post-punk, folk, post-rock, ambient and neoclassical.

Baroness is part of a pretty illustrious list of guitar bands that more or less create their own pocket universe, always uncompromising and in constant metamorphosis. A Baroness concert is the heavy metal variant of an exalted theater piece: emotional, intense, grand, blood-curdling, adventurous. Their last full-length Gold & Grey was recently anointed as “legacy-defining masterpiece” by authoritative music publication Stereogum. Which means that tonight we will catch Baroness at the height of their powers.