Friday 30 - 08 - 2019


King Sepi convenes both the local and global music scenes within an exciting, unpretentious house show atmosphere, now expanding its vast horizons further as King Sepi Fest. Seven bands in a single day, all devious, boisterous and forward-thinking in their own way.

The first three names have been announced and early bird tickets are available online for price of €8. Ticket link:

Neighbours Burning Neighbours are a manic, relatively new Rotterdam-based outfit comprised of members of various other neighbourhood noiseniks (The Sweet Release Of Death, AC Berkheimer, Cusack). The band has already earned quite the fiery live reputation, sounding like Girl Band, Bad Moon Rising Era-Sonic Youth, The Ex and Blonde Redhead going through the shredder.

One of Run SOFA ’s songs basically repeats the word ‘WEIRD’ like a bad case of Tourette syndrome, and indeed, ‘weird’ is definitely the gist of their cartoonish brand of noise rock, electronica and hip-hop. The Belgian group’s erratic sound channels and transcends this glitchy feverish anxiety, pounding their audiences into submission with a sinister, demented grin.

Rotterdam punks Forbidden Wizards harbor a curious obsession with 3rd Rock From The Sun, reference Mr. Bar Rescue himself, Jon Taffer, and devoted one of their songs to the king of comfort foods: macaroni & cheese. And really, it all makes sense once your ears meet their unruly noise punk projectiles. You just want to gulp it all up in record time, disregarding any type of choking hazard.

More acts TBA.