Thursday 21 - 11 - 2019


Pantropical proudly presents KOKOKO! from Kinshasa, Congo; a creative collision of different artists. The group centre around the twin axes of musical instrument inventors from the Ngwaka neighbourhood, electronic producer Débruit, and Makara Bianko and his dancers, who hail from the Lingwala neighbourhood.

Winds of change are sweeping over the cultural landscape of Kinshasa. A thriving alternative scene that can’t just be defined or looked at with western eyes as “African music”, and even less as “world music”. Its explosive and vibrant sounds emanate from the ghetto and downtown clubs in-between government-imposed power cuts. The artists bring something new to life; strong new ideas with DIY-constructed instruments that have a powerful, often unique drive. KOKOKO! was born from that scene and represents a change in mentality, a radicalisation of the people.

With the constant degradation of the quality of their everyday lives, Kinshasa’s youth have begun to question the taboo subject of ‘respect for one’s elders’; denouncing a society paralysed by fear. This spirit of protest is something entirely new, and KOKOKO! is the soundtrack of Kinshasa’s tomorrow.