Thursday 12 - 09 - 2019

Tashi Wada Group ft Julia Holter and Corey Fogel

Fluxus is a core element of WORM’s DNA. Therefore we are delighted to present the Tashi Wada Group. The group is based around Tashi Wada, son of Fluxus member Yoshi Wada and features internationally celebrated musicians Julia Holter and Corey Fogel. They will be playing music from the release, ‘Nue’ (a collaboration between father and son) recently brought out on the RVNG Intl label. Expect a playful, colourful and stimulating evening.

In Japanese, ‘nue’ is a mythological chimera with the face of a monkey, the legs of a tiger and the tail of a snake. In French, nue means naked—stripped of complexity, bare and exposed, but also raw and essential. This duality underlies the record; which utilises minimalist bagpipes to otherworldly vocals, creating, in Wada’s words, “a vision, an endless night of dreams, and a personal history of sorts, full of joys and demons.”