Saturday 04 - 06 - 2022


4piece postpunk band Shaemless (Nijmegen) invite their friends from DEAFDEAFDEAF (Manchester) to Roodkapje for an evening filled with sweaty, beer drenched moshpits. Get ready for tasty riffs and searing, melancholy laced vocals.

DEAFDEAFDEAF spans the gap between the cruel drudgery of everyday life and the unsettling melancholia of disillusionment, burning the edges with its cathartic resilience.
During Left of The Dial we already had the pleasure to see them going berserk on and off stage blurring the boundaries between audience and band. We’re excited to welcome this post punk outfit back for a second round of lighting the stage on fire together with Nijmegen garage-post-punk band Shaemless.

Shaemless sound is best described as energetic, up tempo, dynamic and experimental, with influences of the blues and surf rock genre. The band is also inspired by the likes of The Stooges, Iceage and Thee Oh Sees. Rageful and melancholy filled lyrics in combination with the searing vocals of Daan remind of a “Jim Morrison on crack, screaming from the beyond” (3voor12).
A show of Shaemless is said to be a guarantee to get an entire venue moving.