Tuesday 04 - 10 - 2022

Goldblum + supports

Snackbar is back with sounds from the otherground, served with the following sauces (optional): Improv, Rauw, Nieuw, Anders. We are delighted to present another night of GLOCAL BRICOLAGE with pals from ten zuiden ter grenzen!

Un, deux, trois acts this evening, sound hounds!

GOLDBLUM are Michiel Klein and Marijn Verbiessen. They make the wildest forms of cut ups, musique concrète, alternative compositions and aural about turns; enough to set your avant-garde heads a-spinning. Louder Than War wrote that their debut LP, Of Feathers And Bones was “a very exciting record, with moments that are unnervingly catchy”. BANDCAMP

Romain de Ferron With a new LP, Ravi, just out on KRAAK, Romain De Ferron adds to his reputation Lyon’s premier scenehead – a creative CV which includes bands like Balladur and Omertà, co-organizing Échos festival and co-publishing one of the best music fanzines in Francophonia, Fond De Caisse. With his namesake project, Ferron serves up “vignettes of immeasurable poetry with hints of Joe Meekian saccharine exotica, Bruce Haackian groovesome playfulness, and a resplendence that is purely his own.”