Monday 04 - 07 - 2022

Guus Veldman trio / 2blurry

For Fresh Tendrils Dizzy collaborates with House of Knowledge, a household name when it comes to giving guidance to and creating platforms for Rotterdam based upcoming artists.
In this series of III during NSRT both the House and Dizzy created a line up of artists which they think should be seen and heard by a larger audience.

About the artists..
Guus Veldman, presented by Dizzy, is a drummer and percussionist from Rotterdam who distinguishes himself from others through his creative way of playing. Guus is able to connect genres. He is also the initiator and organizer of the Session at the City Wall in Zwolle, where he connects musicians through jam sessions. Guus is now a third-year student at the Zwolle Conservatory, where he focuses on jazz and improvised music.

2BLURRY, presented by the House of Knowledge, is a Dutch pop duo consisting of Noa de Wit and Giovanni Crama. Their sound can best be described as dark, melodic. The wavy lyrics enhance the vague feeling you experience with the heavy drums and dark bass lines. 2BLURRY puts a magnifying glass on topics like transgressive behaviour, depression and mistrust. Due to the relationship between the loaded lyrics, Gio his beats and Noa her pure vocals, they distinguish themselves in the Dutch urban scene. The duo is currently introducing this new sound.