Thursday 03 - 11 - 2022

Karja / Renard / Wandinger

This Trio is led by the acclaimed Estonian pianist Kirke Karja, pianist of a new generation of Estonian musicians who is breaking through internationally. Together with French bassist Etienne Renard and German drummer Ludwig Wandinger, they focus on extensive techniques and elements of improvisation.

Kirke Karja (1989) is a performer and composer whose melodies are based on contemporary music. She is fascinated by improvisation and collaborations with other forms of art. In addition to her long study of classical music, she has delved into jazz theory, with which she has already gained ten years of experience. She has released six albums under her own name. In addition to this trio, she leads the Kirke Karja Quartet and the Captain Kirke and the Klingons Quintet, which include saxophonist Mikko Innanen from Helsinki and Liudas Mockunas from Vilnius. Finally, she has won the Giorgio Faslini Future Talent Award 2021 and has been nominated as Estonian Jazz Musician of the Year 2022.

Etienne Renard (1991) is an active musician in French jazz circles. This bassist is inspired by collaborations in France and abroad. His musicianship is propelled by years of studying at the Paris Conservatory. His partners include Benoît Delbecq, Paul Jarret and Pierrick Pedron.

Ludwig Wandinger (1995) is an experimental musician from Berlin. In addition to being a drummer, he is also a visual artist. His musical range spans IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) to acoustic improvisation and multi-tone sound design. He has collaborated with many musicians such as Jim Black, Wanja Slavin, Lucia Cadotsch, Dan Nicholls, Philipp Gropper, Elias Stemeseder, Petter Eldh, Andrea Parkins and Oli Steidle.