Tuesday 01 - 11 - 2022

Kurws + supports

Snackbar team up with Yugofuturism to bring you a Polish edition this month!

Kurws formed thanks to a ping pong session. They see their rifftastic sound as a “workshop, where improvisations penetrate through composed material”. Yowsa. Expect a collapsed wedding cake filled with creamy, sugary sonic emissions referencing post punk, krautrock, rock in opposition, funk, no wave and Lord knows what else. Unmissable.

Zdrój are a Polish/Dutch duo who make noise-punk improvisations with a free-spirited, mischievous disposition. Zdrój form part of the tight-knit Wroclaw-based music collective CRK Salka.

Hey Karen is a Polish gentleman residing in Rotterdam. His music is a mix between synthpop, indie electronica, and alternative music. “I sing live, I play the synth, and I have a stunning set of background visuals to round up the experience.” Yowsa.