Sunday 10 - 07 - 2022

Luca Warmer trio

Luca Warmer is a vocal artist and sings, plays and has composed from a young age. Among others Luca sang with The Kyteman Orchestra, the Metropole and several theater productions and jazz formations. In 2021 she graduated with honors from the Conservatory of The Hague and won the Mingus Prize for ‘Best Composition’ awarded by the Conservatory Talent Award. Her voice and her body are the instruments she uses to transport her authentic and unique warm blooded style. The lyrical connection between the songs are a poetic, verbal prelude to music. The song Join Me In Freedom (debut album Huub) was recently released and acclaimed as ‘Best Track’ by the Pop Music Awards 2022. Luca sings, writes and creates from her heart – whenever and wherever she can. For this concert she is accompanied by Elizabeth Fadel (piano) and Paul van Nispen (percussion). Expect a combination of world music, jazz and poems.