Thursday 05 - 12 - 2019

MERU / Segadeath / Ipanema / CLOUÉ

MERU is a multidisciplinary independent artist from Rotterdam with different qualities as a creative, in the field of vocals, drawing, painting, writing poetry and making beats. Her music carries a warm feeling of melancholy. This is probably a product of her Venezuelan roots that also is notable in her native South American Spanish ‘Castellano’ songs. The topics of her art are mostly about mother nature, world peace, experiences as a human being and a reflection of the upbringing and experiences of the time living in Venezuela.

Segadeath is the one and only Rotterdam solo synth player. Expect 80’s style Lo-Fi, krautrock, synthwave, electro and grumpcore. Your local synth hero.

Ipanema is a new project by Rotterdam based musician Bram Nigten. Using a small collection of synthesizers he composed a four-track love letter inspired by the flow of rivers. ‘Vier Rivieren’ is the soundtrack to the skipper’s loneliest hours and the first release on No Hay Banda, the Rotterdam label that scores never-to-be-made films. It is an exercise in restraint, a constant act of gradual movement. Never the same music twice, much like the rivers it represents.

CLOUÉ’s message behind her playful songs is that it’s okay to feel whatever you feel. Do not hide pain and sadness, these are emotions that unavoidably come with life. These matters of the heart are processed in songs which portray the experiences of young CLOUÉ, brought to you in a clear and fragile singing voice and accompanied by her airy guitar strumming. CLOUÉ evokes but also eases pain and sadness with her purging music.