Friday 14 - 10 - 2022

Nexø + Forbidden Wizards


Highly energetic four-piece punk band from Copenhagen, Denmark unite the frantic drive of hardcore punk with heavy yet playful soundscapes, mirroring a world undergoing rapid and brutal change. The music is a raw fist of noise but always with a keen sense of melody. NEXØ is sheer urgency and bottled up energy – something is at stake.

Their second album, False Flag, came out this year to raving reviews. Established metal magazine Devilution pronounced it: “Staggeringly hotheaded and hectic. Amidst the frantic havoc the sound is razor sharp and every punk element stands out clearly. Nexø is so incredibly skilled and confident that it’s a pleasure to listen to.”

Support will come in from Rotterdam’s D.I.Y. punk band Forbidden Wizards.