Thursday 17 - 11 - 2022

The Visual + Ruisvogel

The Visual is an Amsterdam / Antwerp band, founded by Anna van Rij and known for their emotional and atmospheric songs; their music has been compared to artists such as Nick Cave, Jeff Buckley, Wolf Alice and The Doors. Debut ‘Moments Of Being’ was a stunning, introspective record that documented Van Rij’s cathartic quest for freedom, identity and wholeness.

The follow-up ‘The Spirit Of Age’ sounded more light-hearted, with a more outward-looking songwriting; about how we as a species interact with both each other and our natural environment. During the corona pandemic, The Visual never took their foot off the accelerator, they wrote new work and recorded it with Pieterjan Coppejans (Eefje de Visser, Sylvie Kreusch) in his homely Robot Studios in Ghent. In November they will share their next studio album with the world.

More than ever, the band experiments with broadening sounds and textures rather than seeking perfection, so that the songs automatically take on a more light-hearted character. “We have now gained so much experience as producers and composers that we can really add new things to our interplay in a space. So right now it’s a combination between studio and traditional, plus our own sound, which makes our music just that little bit more modern . A little more electronic, a little more diving into the unexpected.” The current formation consists of Timon Persoon (electronics/synths/synth bass), Django Trienes (guitar) and Christophe Claeys (drums).